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Building from Source

LSQ requires Maven to build.

In order to reduce build times for specific tasks there exist different profiles. The following table summarizes those profiles:

Build task Required profile(s) Example
Libraries only (none) mvn clean install
Jar bundle (uber jar) dist mvn -Pdist clean install
Embed Apache Spark standalone mvn -Pdist,standalone clean install
Debian package (implies dist,standalone) deb mvn -Pdeb clean install

If you want a self-contained runnable jar file then build lsq using:

mvn -Pdist,standalone clean install

Building the Jar Bundle (jar-with-dependencies)

The jar bundle contains a main class manifest and can thus be run with java -jar:

mvn -Pdist,standalone clean install

java -jar lsq-cli/target/lsq-cli-${VERSON}-jar-with-dependencies.jar

(Don’t forget to substitute ${VERSION} with its proper value)

Building, Installing and Running the Debian Package

Installing the debian package makes the lsq command available (located at /usr/bin/lsq).

  • You may first want to completely remove (i.e. purge) a prior installation
    sudo apt-get purge lsq-cli
  • The debian package is built with the deb profile
    mvn -Pdeb clean install
  • Install the deb package The convenience script ./ searches for generated debian packages and installs them. It assumes that only a single built package exists.

The script is a shorthand for:

sudo dpkg -i `find 'lsq-debian-cli/target/' -name 'lsq-cli_*.deb'`