Pre-Release Announcement 2020-08-13

ANN: Linked SPARQL Queries (LSQ) Version 2.0 Software Pre-Release

We are happy to announce a completely revamped software framework for RDFizing and benchmarking SPARQL queries from various Web servers log formats.

  • Automatic log format probing
  • Easy-to-use command line interface
  • Java API to read/write the LSQ RDF model
  • Greatly improved LSQ data model (not compatible with the prior version)
  • Greatly simplified log RDFization
  • Greatly improved benchmarking process; added new configuration options to control scalability aspects
  • Greatly improved documentation (
  • Improved hashing to reduce chance of collisions (w.r.t. to prior version)

Comments, suggestions and (constructive) criticism is always welcome :)

Best regards,

Mohammed Saleem and Claus Stadler

On behalf of

  • Institute of Applied Informatics (InfAI)-
  • SmartDataAnalytics (SDA) -
  • Data Science Group (DICE) -